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Our students receive the award for Academic Excellence from the Community of Madrid

Resolution of October 29, 2012, of the General Directorate of Secondary Education, Vocational Training and Teaching of Special Regime, by which the Diplomas of Achievement and Honorable Mention in compulsory secondary education corresponding to the 2011-2012 academic year are awarded in the Community from Madrid.​


Congratulations to the 4th ESO students, school year 2011-2012, for having obtained the Achievement Diplomas and Honorable Mention of Academic Excellence awarded by the Community of Madrid.



Of a total of 13 students from the 4th year of ESO 2011-12, four (4) have been awarded:

Honorable Mention Diploma:​​ MBB and RCC

Achievement Diploma: DIB and RIS


Hablamos con una alumna de 2º Bachillerato, premiada en 2011.

MNB, a 2nd year high school student at our Center, was one of the students awarded with an Honorable Mention Diploma during the 2010-2011 academic year, in addition to receiving the "Stella Lasry" Award for Academic Excellence from the school.


Since when do you study at our school?

I have been in this school practically all my life, I entered Infant 1 so I have gone through all the stages.

Has there been a particular teacher who has made a difference in your academic experience?

The truth is that there have been many teachers who always remember and that have been important in my career so many years of schooling. I could say some like Maru, Tita or More David who trained me in a stage when I was very young and that is why I remember them with great affection. But there are many others who have also marked me in the upper cycles both personally and academically.


How do you rate Jewish and Hebrew studies in all these years at school?
I highly value the Jewish education that the school offers because it has strengthened my Jewish identity and because everything I have learned will help me in my future as a Jew in the world. However, in terms of Hebrew, I consider that I have a good level for the few hours that are taught, but not enough to, for example, study a university degree in Hebrew.

Future plans?

I'm still not sure what I want to do in the future. My most immediate goal is to finish high school and the PAU test with a good grade to be able to choose the career that I want without problem. I know that I would like to study something related to science and mathematics outside of Spain.

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