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Jumash Delivery

The 3rd and 4th Primary students received their first jumash from their parents in two emotional parties prepared by the students and their teachers. 

Moshe received the Torah at Sinai, and passed it on to Yehoshua.

Starting this year, Torah studies begin in Grade 3 and are conducted in Hebrew, with the support of teaching materials and the Torah Tal Am teaching program. We proudly see the children's joy in studying and the significant strides they have made in this area.


The students thus join the chains of generations of our people, receiving the legacy and the mandate to contribute their part in the search for the meanings of the Torah that allows them to live as Jews in a meaningful and committed way. 

"A few days after Pesach, in which we will commemorate the deed of the Exit from Egypt, the path of our people towards freedom and towards the Land of Israel, the delivery of the Torah to our students takes on a special meaning.


Pesach reminds us that we are expected to be worthy of our free will, that it is our duty to bet on freedom and communicate to the world the supreme value of life, against all tyranny, of gods or people, against all forms of slavery. That is why our sages tell us that in each generation man must feel as if he himself had left Egypt.


May this be a meaningful Passover!  Pesach Casher sees Sameach! "

Ethel Barylka

Coordinator of the Department of Judaic Studies

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