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The weight of communication

Dr. Samuel Martín-Barbero and Irene Arensburg visited our students to discuss  current issues of journalism and communication.

On January 19, our high school students attended this conference in which they were able to comment on communicational and journalistic issues at a national and international level.


Dr. Samuel Martín-Barbero , Associate Dean, Secretary General of Councils and Professor of Strategic Communication at IE Business School, explained to our students the historical context and the evolution of informants in both analog and digital media.


Through a dialogue presentation, the students learned about the important work that journalists carry out today. With clear and current examples, they were able to know the differences present in journalism in different parts of the world, knowing the dissimilarities that exist in reference to ethics-values and freedom of expression.


Dr. Martín-Barbero also highlighted the importance of information sources and of comparing data when doing journalism.

Our students also had the opportunity to meet  Irene Arensburg  of  Endeavor , an organization dedicated to helping entrepreneurs from all over the world develop their ideas. Irene showed the students two examples of entrepreneurs who have just launched their projects in Israel and Spain, and invited them to share their own ideas that could be developed in the near future.

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