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Excellent results
in the University Access Test (PAU).

We are pleased to make all of our School Community participate in the excellent academic results obtained by the students of our Center.


Our first promotion of 2nd year of Baccalaureate has obtained 100% of pass in the selectivity test, with an average mark of access to the university of 7.4  out of 10 (general phase). 80% of our students have obtained a grade equal to or higher than the remarkable one.


The breakdown of the average grade obtained confirms the excellent level of the school in disciplines such as mathematics and English:


  • Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences: 8.83

  • Mathematics II (Technological Scientific): 8.7

  • English: 9.2 (three students obtained a maximum grade of 10)


Thanks to their work and effort, the students of this class will continue their academic careers at prestigious universities such as:


Interdisciplinary Center Herzlyia IDC (Israel), Technion Israel Institute of Technology (Israel), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel), Imperial College London (UK), The University of Nottingham (UK), Universidad Autónoma (Spain), Universidad Maimonides ( Argentina), and Northeastern University (USA)  in specialties such as economics, computing, technology, medicine, architecture, communication, etc.



These results confirm the  high academic level of our Center, from the stages of Infant to High School.  All this encourages us to continue working, even more if possible, for the  academic excellence.  All the teachers and the Directorate want to congratulate the students for their effort in taking these tests.


Kol Hakavod everyone!

Graduation 2013.  

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