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Coexistence Outings: Recreational-didactic days for all Primary. 

In November, the primary education stage left the center with a double objective. On the one hand, looking for a suggestive curricular and pedagogical proposal and, on the other hand, to be able to meet colleagues in a less formal environment and to be able to do dynamics that strengthen relationships and project a course full of hope and good purposes.


It is a very positive aspect for us to be able to offer primary school students an outing full of new knowledge with quality socio-emotional components.



5th and 6th grade were in the environment of the slag heap and visited NASA with workshops on rockets.

3rd and 4th grade of primary school visited a farm with beekeeping resources, where the students enjoyed the beauty of this magnificent natural resource.

1st and 2nd grade of primary school visited the “La Esgaravita” school farm with proposals for workshops in a pleasant and safe environment.

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