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Our student Ethan B. has obtained the First Prize for Spanish speaking  in the International Competition  Beit Hatefutsot Shorashim while Yoel C. has received an honorable mention.


My family history  is the name of an important project conceived 16 years ago by Beit Hatfutsot , through which the roots of Jewish families in Israel and in the diaspora are investigated.


This project was expanded dramatically, both in the number of participating students and schools and in the number of countries. In addition, currently, to the research project of the Jewish roots, the modality of the artistic format that accompanies the manuscript has been added.


12,000 students from 76 countries from Israel and from all over the world participated in this edition. Young Israelis come from various locations, from Kiryat Shmona to Beer Sheva. Those from abroad come from: Argentina, Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia, Germany, France, Russia, the US, Australia and for the first time, from Canada.



First Prize in the International Competition "My Family Story, Shorashim"

Most schools first do a pre-selection to determine which project is in the competition. The museum received 126 works of which they chose 12 works from Israel and 20 from abroad.


The jury, made up of representatives from the Ministry of Education, MATAJ (Jewish Technology Center) and MOFET (Center for Research and Development of Educational Programs) participated in the evaluation of the works.


The awards were given in the city of  Tel Aviv, within the framework of a ceremony and festive act. Our boys and their families traveled to receive this award. Throughout the month his works will be exhibited in the museum.


Thank you for representing us in Israel and honoring the work and name of our beloved school.  A work that speaks of memory and identity. Congratulations guys, for your contribution to the development and success of this work!

"The model city of Tetouan", Ethan B., 2nd ESO


This is a personal story of how three generations of Jews make a formidable impact, while living in the small Moroccan city of Tetouan. This high-tech, slick display, combines pictures and sounds that capture how a Jewish community interfaces with and enriches its host society. Difficult conditions force the Jewish community to flee where many made aliya to Israel and how Jews disappeared from the streets of Tetouan.

“Gateways to my Jewish past, present and future”, Yoel C., 2nd ESO


This display of two juxtaposing doors, symbolizes how, one can enter the Jewish world through many open doors each a gateway to another story of the Jewish people. One represents Jewish tradition and heritage and a family legacy, preserved through generations. The other, a school door represents contemporary Madrid and family that values their Jewish identity today.

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