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Visit of the Chief Executive Officer of Education,  and the General Director of Innovation, Scholarships and Aid

Last Friday, September 11, we were visited by the CEO of Education of the Community of Madrid, Mr. Rafael Van Grieken, the General Director of Innovation, Scholarships and Helps, Mr. Ismael Sanz, and our President of the Jewish Community of Madrid, Mr. David Hatchwell.


In the company of our Director, Luna Alfón, the guests took a tour of the school facilities, visiting the classrooms and the projects of the different stages.


Innovative proposals such as Robotics and Programming, or projects in which we already have significant experience and proven results such as Bilingualism (we are included within the first 25 centers enabled for this program), has allowed us to be proposed to collaborate in a way of reference with other centers that start with these new initiatives.


Is for  we are proud and an opportunity to make known to the highest local authorities the daily operation of our center and the projects carried out by our students.

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