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Our vision

"The Ibn Gabirol Study Center, Estrella Toledano School as the only Jewish school in Madrid, is the place where our children materialize day by day the dream of an entire Community so that it becomes a strong and sustainable community over time"

Our mission

"Educating each child to live their Jewish heritage with pride and to be a responsible and open-minded citizen of the world."

Our graduate profile

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Our School - Overview

From the earliest stages,  Our personalized comprehensive pedagogical strategy and rigorous general studies curriculum enable our students to develop reasoning skills, learn to be independent, build character and build a strong identity.
In our school
  it is taught simultaneously in Spanish, English and Hebrew and French is offered as a fourth language.

We focus on academic excellence by offering a general curriculum that goes beyond the standards, offering an enriching learning experience in local and global contexts by highly qualified professionals, committed to the student and their task, with the ability to take risks in favor of innovation and the improvement of education.

Respect, honesty, trust and inclusion are at the core of everything we do.

Reglamento de Régimen Interno (Internal Regulations)  

The RRI of the school is a document that explains in detail the internal and daily functioning of the school. It contains the most relevant norms and all the detailed information about our regulations and is available to all members of our School Community.

Tradition"... and you will tell your children ..."

In 1965 the Jewish Community of Madrid founded the Ibn Gabirol Study Center to be the main pillar of Jewish education in Madrid. The project began with the opening of a kindergarten that was the fruit of the perseverance and dedication of a group of parents. They wanted to build a strong educational system woven from the values and traditions of Judaism, and foster a lasting union with the language, culture, and land of Israel.

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Diversity in the world we live in

Today the College is a living example of diversity. In it, students and teachers from many different countries coexist day after day, which makes it an excellent multicultural and social framework.​ Spanish, French, Hebrew and English, many languages are spoken in the homes of the students.

Academic excellence:
an ongoing goal  

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From an incipient kindergarten to what is today the Ibn Gabirol Study Center, Colegio Estrella Toledano has been a path of constant evolution and improvement. Nursery, Infant, Primary, Secondary and now Baccalaureate, the work of the professional and management team has been arduous to offer the best options and proposals for a solid, comprehensive and personalized education. Examples of this are the implementation of the Spanish-English Bilingualism Program through the Community of Madrid, and the strong investment in the team of teachers who inaugurated the first year of the Baccalaureate. Currently, the bilingual project is being implemented throughout the Primary Education stage; Secondary Education has the possibility of preparing for the Key English Test (KET), the Preliminary English Test (PET) and the First Certificate In English (FCE), all of them degrees from the University of Cambridge.


The school's educational project is robust and ambitious, both in terms of its content and its scope, where, in addition to the program set by the educational authorities, students undertake intensive studies of Jewish history and religion, as well as the Hebrew language. Year after year, students successfully pass official exams and entrance exams to higher education.

The School has extensive and complete facilities (laboratories, library, ICT classrooms, etc.) including the David Varsavsky Sports Center, in which sports activities for children, youth and adults of the School and the Community in general are developed and promoted.

The Ibn Gabirol Study Center, Estrella Toledano School is the Jewish school in Madrid, where our children materialize the dream of a whole Community.

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