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The Ibn Gabirol- Estrella Toledano School, offers an ambitious educational project of General and Jewish studies in a framework of academic excellence.

Our School Ethos

The Ibn Gabirol Study Center, Colegio Estrella Toledano offers an ambitious educational project of general studies and Jewish studies in a framework of academic excellence, inclusive, for all students.  We look for our students to commit  with his world "Tikun Olam" ("repair the world"), Jewish concept of social justice  that they are proactive, autonomous and reflective citizens, with responsibility in their immediate environment and socially committed to it.

The school wants students who can connect what they have learned with life, who can explain, express and communicate it. The school challenges them and puts the student's skills at the service of the other with the aim of improving and seeking new solutions to their own problems and those of  the people around you. We try to provoke students who are sensitive to the environment, who control their emotions.  Students who project beyond themselves, who seek their limits looking for their best version of themselves. Students with a clear identity,  who know how to rise to the occasion, read the contexts, be honest, with integrity and who act when necessary.


Profile ​


The Ibn Gabirol Center - Colegio Estrella Toledano is the soul of the Jewish Community in Madrid. It is the only Jewish school in Spain for children from 3 to 18 years old. We promote a lasting relationship with the language, culture and land of Israel.


The methodology used is open and flexible to respect and encourage the progress and level of maturity of each student, which translates into an extremely personalized education.


At our college we provide a stimulating educational environment where students are challenged to prepare for university and graduate from our college with lifelong learning and leadership skills.

“We do not limit our task to the transmission of curricular knowledge, but rather we develop their capacities. We educate in attitudes and make reference to Jewish ethics. We help our students discover values that they can internalize to help them in their daily lives” - Luna Alfón Coriat, Director


Internationality: Much more than a learning methodology

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