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The Library is a 24/7 Open Resource Center

Our school has opted to enhance the role of the school library with the aim of turning it into a center of physical and digital resources that supports the entire learning network of the school community.​​


Library resources

  • Web portal  to guide resource searches, monograph tutorials, OER links ...

  • OPAC Web  for 24/7 inquiries and loan reservation

  • Subscription to digital resources such as  Britannica School , Proquest eLibrary , Source Reference

  • Member school of the digital library MadREAD without limits  of the Community of Madrid

  • Interlibrary loan management with local public libraries

  • Collaboration agreements with university libraries (Spain, USA, Israel) to access their digital resources to support the needs of the IB Diploma program

  • Collection background in Spanish, English and Hebrew 

Inquiry projects
and information literacy (ALFIN)

Knowing how to handle the abyss of information available at the "click on Google" has never been so important as now. Starting from initial training, students learn to manage their information search processes from books, databases, the Internet ...

"We are in the midst of an information revolution in which we increasingly learn about the world from screens instead of print. If young people are not prepared to critically evaluate the information that bombards them online, they are apt to be duped by false claims and misleading arguments. "

Stanford History Education Group

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