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The key to our success

Our goal

At Ibn Gabirol we believe that the student is the center of their progress and the main architect of their own education.

We take advantage of and highlight their qualities and potential to achieve academic excellence and healthy personal development, which translates into prepared students whose interest in learning and improving is a constant in their lives. We work to develop strong personalities and responsible citizens, capable of coping in a changing world.

COMMITTED and ENTHUSIASTIC faculty  highly qualified capable of adapting and develop adapted contents and teaching methodologies  to the needs of each group.


2013 - 2014 - 2015 - 2016 -2017: PAU 100% Approved with 7.73 grade.  


2018 - 2019 - 2020 - 2021:

99% Obtained the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

100% of our graduates access the universities of their choice.

Highest grades CDIs (External exams on spanish and maths) in the Northern Zone of Madrid.

Awards & special mentions in national and international competitions: academic excellence, entrepreneurship, animation, technology, writing, photography, "Shorashim"...




We discover the world outside the home.
We promote creativity, learning and sensitivity  with their new environment, their teachers and their peers. We provide  emotional and academic security  necessary to embrace change with optimism and curiosity. We foster interest in learning to try, fail,  try again and take on challenges.

We help them develop  self-confidence. We empower  participation, critical sense, personal initiative and the ability to plan, make decisions and assume responsibilities.

We learn to learn.  

We equip them with
key competencies and develop the
  pleasure  for learning  and the entrepreneurial spirit of each  child according to their needs.

With the IB teaching methodology they  we prepare to study  and work  of the  same way with  to what  they will be asked to do so in  whatever the university of your choice, so we provide  the  success in their college careers.

... "We are the only Jewish school in Spain from 3 to 18 years old.
Over the years we have been consolidating each of the educational stages until we can cover a complete education from Preschool to the International Baccalaureate "
High academic standards ​

Obtain excellent academic results, walking alongside the students from the beginning of their process  education until the entrance exams to the University.

We offer a unique rigorous secular and Judaic studies curriculum, with an emphasis on the personal development of our students.

Our teachers are exemplary educators.
  They have a close connection with students: they are counselors, leaders of special programs and activities, and supports for families. Our students examine and discuss topics proposed by  the teachers  to stimulate critical thinking.

Tradition & Identity
The study of the history of the Jewish people, the original sources of Judaism, the land of Israel and the study of the Hebrew language are our essence.

Develop the ethical and transcendent dimension of the person through Jewish values and ethics.
Judaism is the essence of our school.

We train our students to lead and contribute to our community. Through our work methodology and educational programs, they learn that Jewish life is decisive since thanks to this they will be able to contribute our values to society in general.

We also work on global contexts that allow them to relate outside the community framework with one world at a time.  more globalized without losing its identity.​​

Living in Diversity

Promote coexistence and tolerance. Our Center a living example of diversity. Students and teachers from different countries coexist in it, which makes it an excellent multicultural and social setting. Spanish, French, Hebrew, and English, many languages are spoken in the homes of the students.

Today our school is a living example of diversity. Day after day, +300 students and 42 teachers from different parts of the world share their classrooms and classrooms, creating an excellent social and multicultural framework.

Spanish and Foreign Languages Studies
Our bilingual project, together with the study of Hebrew and French, ensures students access to the national or international university of their choice.​​​



We know each student as an individual and with our encouraging guidance, they grow and become thinkers; young adults ready to lead and make good decisions. They develop time management skills that make them competitive and when they graduate from our college they are ready for the university and the world.

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