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Entrepreneurship Program

We prepare them for the real world

We have the opportunity to change education and we are doing it, and also at an early age. We are a more meaningful, more real school, where students can turn their dreams into reality, where students themselves can discover and enhance their natural talents, to think for themselves, to make decisions, to solve problems and to know what the steps are. to rise up to failure and frustration.


We think that we can contribute to a society with people capable of creating their own projects generating wealth and well-being for their community and environment.  If we favor the "entrepreneurship" of our students and freedom of choice, we know that later they will be able to apply it to their lives, they will be more autonomous, flexible and adaptable to the different challenges that the changing present challenges us.


We challenge students to seek challenges and establish relationships, which may have viability through road maps that they establish themselves.


All of our students can be entrepreneurs, but only if the people around them “believe” that each of their students can truly undertake this journey hand in hand with their educators.


The student will understand that life is a project that one undertakes. Some are successful and some are not, but that shouldn't be an obstacle to trying again.


In all courses  school our students live  experiences on ideation, creative workshops, inquiries, robotics, programming, scientific experiments, collaborative projects, with the aim that students discover and enhance their entrepreneurial skills: initiative, persistence, taking risks, creativity, seeking opportunities. In this framework, different programs were born, and everything necessary to undertake from different points of view. Have an idea and have the right context to develop it.

Our international teachers and educational partners want to foster the creativity and talent of our students. We are one of the first centers in the Community of Madrid with a classroom linked to the development of ideas and the acceleration of projects. Our school community has a broad business fabric, and this will also be of great help to students in understanding and fostering the entrepreneurial spirit. And all this without losing sight of the fact that, as an institution, with this attitude we contribute not only to the success of our student in his personal life, but with the aim that our student contributes to a better world.


Without losing sight of one of our universal entrepreneurs in one of the most difficult moments for many people:


"Let's not pretend that things change if we always do the same thing. Difficulty brings progress. Creativity is born from anguish as day is born from dark night. It is in difficulty that inventiveness, discoveries and great strategies are born. Whoever overcomes the difficulty, overcomes himself without being “overcome.” Whoever attributes his failures and hardships to difficulty, violates his own talent and respects problems more than solutions. Without difficulty there are no challenges, without challenges life is routine , a slow agony. It is in the difficulty that the best of each one emerges, because without difficulty every wind is a caress. To speak of difficulty is to promote it, and to be silent in difficulty is to exalt conformity. Instead, let's work hard. at once with the only threatening difficulty, which is the tragedy of not wanting to fight to overcome it. "



Elementary school

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Middle School




More than 300 projects presented
from all over Spain.

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