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Our little "Gabirolitos"

1º, 2º and 3º of "Infantil" (Preschool): Positive and affectionate relationships based on trust and respect are the heart of  our institutional culture.

The little ones enjoy the school day every day.
We make sure that their  educational experience is positive since this is very important at this stage.  We transmit security to them so that they gradually strengthen ties both with their teachers, as well as with their classmates, and the space that they share every day.


At Ibn Gabirol, we believe that learning to enjoy the outdoors and manage the risks and challenges in our environment,  help children grow and develop into healthy adults  and confident. We offer a wide variety of activities, resources and games in our newly remodeled play areas thanks to our donors and designed especially for them.

We have a clear vision of what we want in our preschool:

We provide a safe, happy, caring, and stimulating environment for our children. We enable all children to develop their capacities according to their individual needs so that they are successful learners, confident people, responsible citizens, and contributors to society. We help children prepare to go to primary school  well prepared  and meet your goals.

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More information:

Objectives and methodology

Our goal is to meet the needs of the little ones and awaken interest in learning, promoting the development of autonomy, sociability, communication, expression and above all self-esteem.

We offer the child an atmosphere of affection and trust that allows him to establish an adjusted image of himself.

Our proposal covers cognitive and creative aspects, Jewish studies, and languages such as Hebrew and English from the first year.

Integral education

We initiate children in socialization and shared play.

The way of experimenting and teaching in children translates into responsible girls and boys sensitive to knowledge, music, painting, reading, mathematics, Jewish experiences, and respect for the other.

Family - classroom relation

We maintain a fluid relationship with the families through individual interviews and group meetings, as well as through the preparation of personal reports of the students.

In educational proposals we always have the participation of families in the classroom, our teaching work would not be possible without their involvement and constant support.

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