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These spaces have as  target  foster student development and creativity through technology, robotics, art, science, and public speaking. 
In the creative process,  the student is the authentic protagonist of a learning  based on discovery and experimentation.  These projects complement the "Learning  Based  in Projects "(ABP) , which we offer to our students in all stages and subjects.

"Thinking Outside of the Box"

We encourage students to go out  of the traditional and think  in original and innovative initiatives and ideas  taking  take into account the environmental impact and its contribution to society in general.
In high school we have been innovating in the robotics area for more than 15 years. 

In the robotics program, students use the format of traditional LEGO building sets with an engineer adapted to the school setting.


Teachers of the Technology team receive  the necessary training to carry out this project throughout the elementary school. Training focuses on developing  the critical spirit in the scientific-technical field, develop logical-mathematical intelligence, as well as develop basic skills so that teachers and later students can respond to the new environments of today's world.


We support these projects in which the search for solutions to problems, persistence and the ability to correct errors is the basis of the work.

Experiments with electricity and magnetism in groups

Our 6th grade students experience  and they work  with mobile devices through an App on the subject of electricity and magnetism.


Each group has  of a kit of electrical materials (many unknown to them), which have  to recognize, classify and organize to be able to mount a first circuit.


Each group has  a different challenge and the challenge consists  to build it and make a presentation to the rest of the groups.

Findings and achievements remain  collected in photos and videos that they then share  with his partners.


Seeing them in action is  like seeing a team of professional scientists working and collaborating to get all the results they were looking for.



Art week
Every year we take advantage of this space for the development of our tardicional  "Art Week".


Gaudí, Van Gogh, Kandinsky and many other classical and modern artists inspire  to our students, creating works worthy of any museum.

In all  editions  of the Art Week,  4th grade primary school students together with their art and technology teachers surprise us with  innovative proposals through  I work with an “augmented reality” program, with which they record videos alluding to the author and the work.

Visitors to the exhibitions can view the videos about each artist,  just by downloading an App on their Smartphones when approaching each of the exhibited works.


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