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Educating for  Impact  (EFI) in our  community

The future of Jewish communities depends on membership and commitment. If there are no active members, there are no communities.


Jewish communities in Europe care about the future of our communities and we believe that schools  Jews can secure this future since they are the main vehicle for promoting behaviors in the medium and long term.

It all started over 2 years ago, with an honest and disciplined conversation from our leaders, parents of students and other members of our community, on the outcomes needed to guarantee an active Jewish life in Spain in the future.

The degree of socialization, the large amount of time children spend in school, the ability to fostering shared purpose and identity through a wide range of activities makes the school the most effective means of encouraging behaviors.

What is EFI?

Education For Impact ("EFI") ”seeks to create a sustainable future for Jewish communities through the education of the next generations of Jews.  This initiative is led by a Consortium of Jewish Philanthropy in partnership with the Jewish communities of: 


For schools to serve to enhance our Jewish identity,  We have articulated clear objectives and all the schools inside and outside the classroom, we are aligned in the search to achieve this objective:

Madrid Mission Statement "Educating EACH child to live their Jewish heritage with pride and to be openminded, responsible citizens of the World"

From our school, the plan to achieve these objectives is beginning to be carried out. And finally, through EFI's technical and financial assistance, specific investments are being made to ensure the tools and capacity to achieve those results.

Our work plan contains all the actions and activities  necessary to meet our specific objectives

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