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1st Grade learns about autumn in science class

This term 1st grade learned about autumn in Science class. We looked at the trees and the leaves falling down and we learned that they turn brown because they lose chlorophyll. We went for a walk and we picked up leaves and put them in bags. We didn’t cut or hurt plants during our walk, we only picked up things from the ground.

In our autumn walk, we saw red leaves, brown leaves and some leaves with spots. Some plants don’t lose chlorophyll and they have green leaves all year.


We touched many leaves, smelled them and crushed them with our hands. We also smelled lavender -it smells very nice!!

We took photographs of the leaves and fruits we found. This was a lot of fun!


Back in the classroom, we will do many art activities with the leaves. We will put a leaf under a white paper and with a crayon going over it until it appears on the paper. We will use red, orange, yellow, brown and gold to colour our pictures. With all these art crafts, we’ll decorate the bulletin board and the classroom.

We also learned autumn songs and poems and we danced pretending we were leaves. We had a great time and we learned a lot and now we are ready to do it again with spring!

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