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"We are not allowed to leave the world as it is ... "
- Janusz Korczak -

Educating is not the task of just one person: a teacher or the school or parents; It is not even a task for a team, but for several. For this purpose, the school seeks the best educational references with which to form these teams of professionals and having the TAU is undoubtedly a privilege.

The first agreement with the “School of Education” of the TAU was signed by the Boards of Directors of our community on October 27/2001 for a period of 5 years and was renewed for a period of 5 additional years on December 11/2006 .
The first agreement is considered one of educational co-management in order to change the operation of the school. The TAU specialists who came to the school gave the pertinent recommendations to proceed with the changes in the areas of Hebrew, Judaism, Kindergarten, English and technology.

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"Thanks to our partnership with TAU, we were pioneers in Spain in the area of robotics in schools and now we expect something new and revolutionary from TAU"

From the current Board of Directors of our community, we want to promote  incorporating the latest technological advances for the training of students.

When we talk about the “School of Education” of the TAU, we are talking about State of the Art in College Education and the specialists who will deliver the education modules are all internationally renowned professionals and lecturers.


Access to the "Youth University" Programs

The University will offer students from selected schools the opportunity to join the programs of the “Youth University” during the summer period that includes, among others, the Research Program in Science, Business & Entrepreneurship in the project “Start -Up Nation ”, Cyber​​ Security and the Archeology Project.

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