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1st Edition of the Learn by Doing Program

Our 1st year high school students participated in this program that provides a real work experience that can help them in their academic future.

The center has carried out the 1st Edition of the “Learning by Doing” Program. This entrepreneurship program has consisted of providing students with a real work experience. The students have accompanied professional volunteers during a working day and have lived experiences that can surely help them a lot in their academic future and, in addition, have been very beneficial.  


Among these experiences, our students:


• They have seen how the knowledge they are acquiring in their school is used at work.

• They have reflected on the skills they need to develop to get the job they want.

• They have discovered how a business or organization works.

• They have seen how technology is applied at work.

• Different career options have been explored for the future.

• They have learned what tools are necessary to get a job.


To develop the program, we have had the valuable collaboration of professionals from various prestigious companies and institutions such as the Madrid Institute of Material Sciences of the CSIC, Hidelasa, Demtech International and the Excem Group.


From  here,  We greatly appreciate that they have welcomed the students during a few hours of their working day and their valuable contribution to the entrepreneurial education of our high school graduates.

Experiences and opinions of our students:

I felt like a professional on his first day of work. Fortunate to have had this opportunity and grateful to the school that has given it to me.


I wanted to learn the professional life of a scientist and learn about the CSIC. All my expectations were met.


At the end of the day I felt very good having known a job in which I enjoyed learning.


I have been able to experience the labor sector and transform what I learned in class into a real environment and company.


I learned about how you work in a company and the responsibility that comes with it. I found it to be a different and interesting program.


It has been a very nice project that has helped me to think and learn. I hope that he will continue from now on to help the other students as well.


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