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Welcome Letter

Course 2015-2016

Dear school community,


I want to welcome you to a new school year, which both my team and I started with great strength, motivation and enthusiasm.

I want to give a special welcome to those who are joining for the first time, and to the 2nd year high school students who, after so many years of schooling, are beginning their last year at our center.


The value of the little things

It fills me with pride to see how our cloister is incorporated year after year full of good energy and illusions. On that occasion, the school year will be marked by the value of the little things; This value of what is small has to do with a clear awareness that education, although ultimately measured in results, is built on values and good day-to-day habits.


New challenges

We have prepared a 2015-2016 calendar of activities that will challenge our students: from the most emblematic projects of our Center, to innovative projects that will undoubtedly arouse their interest and  motivation.


50 years have passed ...

Our 50th anniversary will materialize through the realization of different events and related activities that we will inform you about.


What's new?

As part of our continuous improvement process, we have outsourced the dining room service to one of the best companies in the sector on the national and international scene.


We will undertake a series of small infrastructure improvements in our Center, thanks to the generosity of our donors, and the work of the Fundraising committee.


And finally, mention two major projects in which we have started and which will undoubtedly represent important milestones for the future of our school:


  • As an Applicant Center for the IB Baccalaureate (International Baccalaureate) , we have begun the process of training the teaching team to be able to certify ourselves; it will also be a year dedicated to the design and planning of the curriculum for the future International Baccalaureate.


  • JEEP (Jewish Educational Exchange Program) is the name of our new project to internationalize the Center, which begins with a first exchange with the Adelson School in Las Vegas. We will receive during this first term two high school students, and one of our 4th year ESO students will study there.


And all this thanks to the professionalism of all the staff, and to the trust that each of the families place in us for another year.


Chesed and helping others

During this course we will put a special emphasis on Chesed and helping others , not only from the point of view of those who need help, but as a way of life . It is important that our students learn from a young age to identify what is happening around them (be it  their class, school, city, Israel or countries in conflict), and to develop an awareness of action. All from our place and on our scale, we can do something to change things and improve the lives of others.



I want to thank the active participation of volunteers during the past year in our different commissions (Fundraising, scholarships, marketing, library, events ...), they are a clear example of parents and friends of the school who dedicate part of their time to contribute to the improvement of our School Community.



With my best wishes for this new course that we will share.





Luna Alfón Coriat


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