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Honor and learn

The two new ping pong tables that have been generously donated to the center have become the favorite entertainment of the students  from our school. From the youngest of Primary to the oldest of Baccalaureate and  teachers, all  they enjoy some fun breaks while practicing this sport.


The bell rings and the students warm up their wrists for the tournament of the year. Eager to go out and with shovels in hand, the students organize themselves to play the ping pong games, and it is that each recess is a new opportunity to be the king of the track.

“When we found out that at school we were going to have two ping pong tables for us, the first thought was to organize a tournament so that everyone who wanted to play could enjoy the recess equally. 

And so it has been, in two days of registration, more than 50 students and teachers from 1st of ESO to 1st of Bachillerato signed up. All the participants are fully focused on winning and having fun with their friends, which is a new alternative for recess. »

Words from JF, ESO student.

The donation was made in memory of Eyal, Gilad, Naftali and Muhamad, young people who died last summer in Israel.

We are proud to have members of the school community contributing generous donations as well as such an important educational message.

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