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Sukkot  5775



Our students enjoyed numerous activities in the new sukkah.

Sukkot , also called "Time of Our Joy" was shared by all the students, who during the days of Jol Hamoed,  they were able to do activities and eat in the renovated sukkah,  built by 4th year ESO students and decorated by kindergarten students. Sukkah  significantly enlarged, it accommodated various activities and, despite the weather, we were able to enjoy it and share the joy.


Everyone could feel what our sages teach us about the Arbaat Haminim , that we are all part, each one with their particularity, of a thriving and vibrant school community, and of a people we love.

The Spanish Council of Israelite Women (CEMI) visited the school to celebrate this party with the students.

One more year, the ladies of CEMI came to the School to see the new Sukkah and share some pleasant moments with the students.


Greeted by Cecilia Levit, Secondary Coordinator, and Ethel Barylka, Judaic Studies Coordinator, our guests enjoyed Sukkot activities together with students from different stages.


It has been a pleasure to have the presence of the CEMI delegates who continue to work to improve the social and community environment.



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