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Blanket Collection Campaign at the Jewish school

"The poor of your city come before"


It is very difficult to translate the word chesed, which can be understood as favor, mercy, charity, beneficence, mercy and compassion.


In this spirit, a group of young people from our school carried out on their own initiative a campaign to collect blankets in order to distribute them among the “homeless” of the city, those people living on the streets, without a fixed address, who lack a home. permanent place to reside and who are forced to live in the open.


In the first place, the idea that emerged from the students was also communicated to the parents and the rest of the students by the young people themselves, thus generating an autonomous and independent action on their part.




The goal that was set was 150 blankets, which were reached in a period of 3 weeks.  The final stage was carried out in two groups of students and their mothers, who went to different parts of the city to distribute what was collected in the School.


It was an educational experience that is second to none. This chesed action is equivalent to many hours of class and demonstrates once again the depth of the values found in our youth and our families, waiting for a little encouragement to flourish in all its magnitude.


We can be proud of these actions whose protagonists prefer anonymity, but that the entire Educational Community must know and appreciate.

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