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Course closing letter 2019-2020 /  5779-5780

Dear School Community:

This has been an unprecedented year marked by resilience and transformation. A year, in which all the goals and objectives seemed to falter and this did not happen only in our school, but has been in the whole world.  The change in our way of life has certainly not left us unmoved and has forced us to reflect and analyze.

We prepare our students for a changing world and that in this adaptation process, they do not lose their essence, that   shine your own light  all their lives ..... and without further ado ...... it happened that each and every one of them along with our great team of professionals adapted to the new way of life and shone like true stars.

What to say about our professionals that we have not all seen through the Meet ?. From leadership and dedication to the affection inherent to  the vocation of our entire team. This experience has  left an important mark: the "Ibn Gabirol a Distancia (IGD)". Today thanks to all the team of the Ibn Gabirol Center — Estrella Toledano is a recognized distance educational institution from 3 to 18 years old.

None of this would have been possible without our most important partners: you, the parents of our beloved students. Words of encouragement  the express recognition, the hours and physical spaces that they provided us within their homes  It has connected us in a way that is also unprecedented.

Volunteers, international institutions that have given us support, we are all "Gabirol" and today more than ever we are strengthened by what we know:   Together we can achieve any goal!

Well deserved summer to all,


Luna Alfón Coriat


Ibn Gabirol Center
Estrella Toledano School

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