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Our 1st ESO students compete with their robots

Throughout the first term, the 1st ESO students have been preparing in their Robotics classes for a unique event: a robot competition.


The challenge consisted in designing a program that would allow the robot to move one meter away, staying as close to the wall as possible but without actually touching it. The students did not have a pre-test of their design, they only had one opportunity to include the program in their robot and run it.


“Robotics class is very entertaining and you have to know how to program the robot. Apart from the class, robotics on a day-to-day basis is very important. To cook, to operate people, because now there are robots that help to operate, that is medical engineering. And in class we did a very entertaining project, rather it was a competition, it was about each couple with their robot, for example ours called BILL GATES, had to get there from a point that the teacher told us, and we had to get there as close to the wall but not touching it. "


EN, 1st year ESO student

“Personally, I found the time at the beginning of classes very cool when each one of us brought news about something related to technology, and every day we learned about something new that had hit the market or we simply saw how technology helps the world. For example, when our teacher showed us the news of the child that they made him a hand with a 3D printer instead of buying the specialized hand that was worth thousands of euros more. "


DK, 1st year ESO student

"My personal opinion about robotics classes is good because I think that, apart from learning about robots and how to program them, I find it useful for the future because now there are a lot of robots and I think it's good that we learn about that."


CS, 1st year ESO student

The students worked in pairs creating their robots for the competition and learning different techniques to design the program. Some used the ultrasonic sensor to allow the robot to detect the wall and brake before reaching it, others counted the number of rotations of the robot's wheel when traveling one meter, and others made calculations with the time that each rotation lasted.

“The competition seemed like a difficult challenge for me because we hit the wall. We had used the ultrasonic sensor that we used to measure the distance and it stopped at 2cm, but we put it too fast and it couldn't stop in time and it crashed. We had him move unlimitedly, but I am glad that the others also won even though I lost. If now I had to do it differently, I would make it tighter and I would not put it to stop at 2cm, but rather to stop at 4cm so that I can brake. »


NC, 1st year ESO student

“My partner and I thought about using the ultrasonic sensor with less than 4cm, that means that it will stop less than 4cm, but it turned out to be very little and our robot hit the wall. If I had to do it again, I would do it with less centimeters, the robot would start 100cm from the wall and so that it wouldn't crash, it would put it at 97cm and stop dry. »


SN, 1st year ESO student


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