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El Centro IBN Gabirol - Colegio Estrella Toledano ratifica su nivel de inglés haciéndose con el 2º puesto en el 1er Concurso de Oratoria en Inglés


Our school participated in the 1st Call of the English Speaking Contest, convened by the Department of Education of the Community of Madrid only for bilingual schools and Primary courses.

On this occasion we present 2 groups of students: the 5th and 6th Primary classes. 

The competition consisted of two phases. On April 8, the 1st phase took place in which 31 schools appeared to compete, that is, 62 groups with a total of more than 300 students.  Our two groups were selected, and they went on to the 2nd phase.  The group of 5th grade of Primary was in 12th place, and the group of 6th of Primary managed to pass to the final phase in which only the 4 groups with the highest scores participated.

On April 29 at 4:15 in the afternoon, and in the presence of the educational authorities, we were able to share an exciting final with our 6th grade students. After much nerves and tension, the jury resolved the decision of the contest ...  "The 2nd place was awarded to the 6th grade group of the Ibn Gabirol Center-Estrella Toledano School"

From here we want to congratulate our students and their teacher. We are very proud of them and we want to highlight especially the individual and team work carried out, their enthusiasm and commitment.

They did not tell us, they did not tell us, we saw it live, and it is a reality ... the excellent level of English of our students was very visible !! Congratulations!!

Alumnos recogiendo el premio de manos de las autoridades.

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