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The Literary Breakfasts
We awaken the taste for reading

Within the language area and as part of the Reading Promotion Project, the 2nd grade students participate every month in a "Literary Breakfast." This activity consists of sharing and commenting on the book that each student has read during the previous two weeks.

During a breakfast offered in the classroom, each student comments on their book while their classmates listen to them. They can ask the questions they want without ever counting the end of the book so that other students will be curious to read it later.


One of the objectives of this exercise is to develop skills, such as identifying the different topics, acquiring reading fluency and improving intonation and oral expression, learning to summarize the most relevant information in a book, and improving listening and intervention skills. in a debate.

A variety of activities are carried out in relation to the books including: Comment on the part that more or less liked, read aloud  the favorite part of each student,  even build a crazy story, change the end of the book, recommend the book to other colleagues explaining why, discuss a real-life topic that has come up in one of the books, develop hypotheses about some parts of the book or put them in the place of the protagonist and offer alternatives to the story.

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