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JEEP exchange program


This December  We have fired our first students from the Adelson Educational Campus in Las Vegas, who have come to our school through the international exchange program JEEP (Jewish Educational Exchange Program). Already  in turn, we welcome our student who returns after spending three months at Adelson.


It is the first time that we carry out this type of exchange that we believe is very favorable for the development of our students. Both for students who travel and for those who receive a foreign student in their class, this experience allows them to develop within an environment of diversity and internationality, improve their linguistic competence in a foreign language, get to know another culture and be part of it. And of course, live an unforgettable experience.


Soon we will receive new students and we will also open the process to submit applications for the next course. Those Ibn Gabirol students who want to travel abroad just have to sign up.

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