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European Programming Week

Open day

Between October 10 and 18, the  the European week of programming . That is why we have organized in our  center open days in which we have invited parents and other teachers to share with the students different programming proposals.


It has been a very special week for us as it highlights the importance of including the teaching of programming in the school from Infant to High School, and it is a good way to disseminate this line of work within the school community.


The development of computational thinking is very important, students acquire tools that favor them in their   their logical and inductive reasoning, in their ability to solve problems and they are also learning what is already today one of the most demanded jobs today.


Companies find many students studying programming in university careers without any basic training when  practically  There is not  company that does not have its app on the mobile.


The parents of our students were able to be in the 3rd ESO, 5th primary and 3rd grade courses, sharing with their children a few hours in Scratch Codemonkey and in developing simple algorithms to solve the problems that we proposed.



We look forward to seeing you at the European Code Week next year!

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