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Primary 1 and 2 students visit the Rainfer Primate Rescue Center

The youngest members of Primary spent an unforgettable day meeting some very special animals.

The First Cycle Primary students enjoyed a convivial outing visiting the Rainfer Primates Rescue Center in Madrid . It is a place of rehabilitation and rest for all those primates that have been abandoned, from zoos in poor condition or used as pets in the advertising industry.  or  in circuses.  


The monitors of the Center explained the characteristics and origins of primates  rescued, stressing the importance of taking responsibility for wild animals and the need to protect those who have been abused and neglected.


The students had the opportunity to learn about macaques, lemurs, and capuchins . They made gifts with food for the different primates in the center and they met an orangutan that was the star of the day. Finally, everyone enjoyed a picnic in the open air and carried out coexistence activities with the tutors that allowed them to strengthen ties.


It was a unique experience!

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