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1st prize:   Expokids 2016

I leave myself  spread

By: Luna Alfón, Director of the School



If there is an emotion that I would like to be able to put in a jar (or in a ball like in the movie Inside-out) and keep it, it is the one I felt the other day at the event organized by the Fundación Créate at Expokids.


Our school came with an exceptional project, “Eye call”, developed by a group of 6th grade students who throughout the school year worked on the idea, the development of the application and its presentation.  


Last Friday we went to Expokids. Our students, very professional, came with all their materials, spent the whole day explaining (in Spanish and English) to the visitors their proposal: the app, the telephone exchange, the map of the volunteers. Not a detail was left out!


And the moment came when they transferred us to the Giner de los Ríos Foundation theater where we were summoned with the other schools and the jury… Despite all the working day and that nobody is really aware of this moment…. We started to get nervous and to think that we could be awarded… The boys had it very clear… “yes, yes… we are going to win!”.


One, as an adult, is also excited ..., but on the other hand we were worried that if they were not chosen by the jury they would be disappointed. I tried to stay less convinced that they were going to award us… they named the third and second prizes…. and… suddenly they named the first prize: Eye call !!!!… it took us a few seconds to react, one of the boys screamed and we all jumped with them. See their faces of joy and excitement ... as the ad would say "is priceless." They jumped from their chairs and ran to the stage as if they had known from the beginning that this was going to happen like this… What happiness!


Obviously no one develops a project (of entrepreneurship) to be rewarded, because indeed learning is on the way ... but seeing them in that moment of happiness is unique.   Such a spontaneous emotion  so authentic that it is worth trying every year.


I wish we could pack, save to remember at other times, these feelings. But it is not possible. However, it is possible to rejoice for having had this fantastic experience that we will not forget.

What is  Eye Call ?


A social aid project for the blind by creating a community of interconnected volunteers through an app.



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