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Book week leaves its mark on the School

The first boxes begin to arrive, the first posters are placed, all the students hang around the library, the closed sign appears for several days, you know, they wait for you year after year as if it were the first time, it is the Book Fair .


You start to hear in the corridor "I've already booked it" or "that's great, you have to read it." They are our inspiration and the School and AMPA get involved every year to bring the latest news, the authors of the moment, all with the aim of stimulating and motivating both the first readers and those already experienced.

The school environment changes with a perfume of new letters, we become magicians, superheroes, animals, giants or we simply find an unexpected book or that we are passionate about. Those who collaborate with the fair put all their effort and enthusiasm in each sale, in each workshop, in each activity, in each council, they are the true action characters of our story and, for this, we want to thank them. The boxes have already been collected, the unsold books have already been packed, but they have left us words that have been hooked on us as if they did not want to let us go, we hope that they remain in each student, in each house, under the light of a lamp to awaken important things in their heads.

Thanks to the families for coming out and sharing the pleasure of reading with us. Thanks to the teachers, the maintenance staff, the mothers of AMPA and the collaborators who put so much effort and enthusiasm every year. Thank you all!

See here  a compilation in the form of a magazine of all the activities during the week.

The 5th and 6th grade students during the interview  with the journalist and writer of La Banda de Zoe, Ana García-Siñeriz

The love of reading of our students is increasingly highlighted.

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