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The 11th

Book Fair

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What began more than a decade ago as a small book sale has become a whole Literary Week where our students are immersed in elaborate activities and workshops aimed at promoting the pleasure of reading ... a gift that will accompany them for a lifetime .


This Fair is an integral part of the Center's Reading Promotion Plan, where, as educators and parents, we know that the sooner we start our children in reading, the more they will increase their linguistic and intellectual skills.


Throughout the week the students' work will be exhibited in the library, along with the sale of a wide selection of the latest proposals in children's and youth literature in Spanish and English, including a section for adults on the history and culture of the Jewish people. .


We appreciate the work of the AMPA, the association of parent volunteers, who sell books, which allows us to enrich the school's bibliographic resources.


Children's Murals - We like to read

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Infant 1

Infant 3

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