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10th Book Fair

During the week of February 16-20, 2015 the 10th Book Fair was held at the school.

Students from all stages participated in different activities and workshops.

The library begins to fill with new books and the excitement of our students to know them begins to grow. New characters, stories and authors of the moment take their seats on the shelves and tables of the library, eagerly waiting for someone to discover them.


Students visit the library with their teachers or during their free time to find out the latest news and reserve their favorite books. Excited, the students recommend stories already read to their classmates and children from other classes.


From the little ones in Infant to the older ones in ESO, everyone has been able to enjoy workshops and activities organized by the center's teachers. They have also been able to share new proposals with students and teachers from other stages.


We want to thank our teachers, moms and dads from the center and the AMPA who, thanks to their effort and commitment year after year, create a unique environment at school, encouraging the entire educational community and especially our students to read.


It has been a week full of news, activities and many stories!


Children at the Book Fair

The Infantil children participated in many proposals in Spanish, English and Hebrew.


They performed plays, invented stories, characters, changed endings to stories, gave their voices to different stories, made puppets, masks ...

They had a visit from Peca and Lino, some nice fairy tale characters!

Enter the Children's Blog to know all the activities!

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