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Your finances, your future

4th ESO students have participated in the program "Your Finances, Your Future" carried out by the JAES Foundation in collaboration with the  Spanish Banking Association  (AEB).


The financial education received has been developed in three sessions within the framework of the Entrepreneurial Initiative subject. The main objective of the Program is to give financial training to young people and  provide them with clear information  when hiring certain products.


The classes taught by volunteers from credit institutions have taught them to be responsible in their financial decisions and aspects as important as saving and  The credit.

"They taught us how to react to an economic obstacle and how to better organize money. I thought it was a good program as it prepares us for the future."


CS .

"I have learned a lot from the three sessions and the explanations of the volunteers. I think it should be done every year so that all the classes can learn about the world of finance."


SS .

"I have found it very useful since they have taught us the basics to organize our money and finances in the future. I think it is important to learn to manage money."


IT .

"In each session we work on different topics: the stock market, credit and debit cards, financial accounts, savings, budgeting. I liked it a lot, it seems very good to have professionals who can explain us about finances."



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