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First graduation from Baccalaureate and passed with a grade in the selectivity tests. !! Congratulations!!

With a 100% pass in the selectivity test, and an average mark of 7.4  out of 10 (general phase),  The breakdown of the average grade obtained confirms the excellent level of the school in disciplines such as mathematics and English:  Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences: 8.83 -  Mathematics II (Technological Scientific):  8.7 -  English: 9.2 (three students obtained a maximum mark of 10).

In a solemn act organized by the school and the Board of Directors of the Jewish Community of Madrid we graduated with all honors to the  that will go down in the history of our Community as  "The First High School Promotion".


The incomparable setting, in the open air, in our own home ... and with a summer sunset and a gentle breeze ...  detail or emotion.


Among relatives, friends and teachers of  our dear students,  we have the presence of  important  fundamental personalities for us as a College: Rab. Moshe Bendahan, our esteemed Rabbi and  President of the Rabbinical Council of Spain, the  Ambassador of Israel in Spain, Mr. Alon Bar, the  His Excellency Mayor of Alcobendas, the  President of the Jewish Community of Madrid  Y  members of the  Board of Directors  current and previous.


Only those who were can know what he felt and the emotion that intoxicated us all ... but above all we want to highlight three very important points:  

  • Thanks to the families who bet on our school ... and gave us a lesson in what community commitment is and for Jewish education.  

  • Congratulations to the students who have finished with excellent results .  

  • That only those things that are dreamed of, desired and worked on are achieved and come true ... and proof of this is this Baccalaureate.

... "the famous" bubble myth " consists of being surrounded by the people you love the most and who love you the most throughout your school years, who turn what seems impossible into something really simple, who make you smile instead of tears, that support you, motivate you and get the best out of you. It means having personalized attention every day, always having someone help you. It means being supportive, partner, helping others. That is the famous myth of the bubble."…


MN Bendahan

2nd Baccalaureate student

"...  This promotion is the result of 48 years of work in our community. A group of young people: bright, committed to their identity, to their personal growth and deeply proud to be Jewish.


As it is written in the Torah "Naasé Venishmá",  You will do and understand ...  something that seems a bit illogical. How are we going to do something without having understood it? Well here  we have an example of the wisdom that this teaching contains. Our Community, our families, our students have done it, did it, experienced it…. Now we get it.


Torah, Zionism, Community, Generosity, Coexistence, Hospitality, Family, Teachers.  That is our school and that is this high school, which someone dreamed of four years ago. Today, you, dear students,  You already know that there are things that can only be understood when they are done or lived.  Today you enter the little great history of the Spanish Jews ”.


Luna Alfón Coriat


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