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Act of

Yom Hazikaron

With the presence of the Ambassador of Israel, Mr. Alon Bar, the Spokesperson for the Israeli Embassy, Hamutal Rogel, the President of the Jewish Community of Madrid, Mr. David Hatchwell, and other community authorities, the act of Yom Hazikarón, Day of Remembrance of the Fallen in the Wars and the actions of Terrorism. 

The act began with the sound of a siren and the entrance of the Israeli flags, carried by students from different school stages. 

In solemn silence the corresponding prayers were read and the memory candle was lit. In this way, the school community added to the general pain of our town on this day.

Yom Haatzmaut

The College dressed up for a party and blue and white appeared in every corner. Yom Haatzmaut, has been lived intensely through a series of special activities that began with the participation of 3rd and 4th Primary and 2nd ESO students in the act of  transition from Yom Hazikarón to Yom Haatzmaut organized by Yajad, and in the festive Arvit conducted by the students of our high school at the Bet Yaacov synagogue. 

Study, games, songs and special food accompanied the festivities, in a warm atmosphere of joy in which all the students and teachers from Nursery to Baccalaureate participated. 

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