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Healthy week

The 1st Primary students had the opportunity to experience the  Healthy week  as part of a project in Science

Students learned about  habits  healthy like the need to exercise, brush teeth and eat healthy. It was a week full of  very activities  dynamics  like an aerobics class, experiments, and a chat with a dentist.


Also, they went for a walk downtown  commercial where the students bought fruits and vegetables to make a brunch . At the supermarket they weighed and compared prices, using the  math  in a real context.

Finally, at brunch , they made faces with the fruits and vegetables and took the opportunity to  talk  about emotions, something that  it also helps us feel healthier if we take care of them.


The students enjoyed it very much and  Since then, they have managed to raise awareness by bringing fruit on Fridays for their snack, and  brushing teeth daily at school  after  to eat. 

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