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A traveling bear named Huellitas

"Teddy Bears" is a collaborative project of international scope that unites nursery classrooms and first cycle of primary level and in which, through the exchange of a teddy bear via postal mail, curricular content agreed between the teachers responsible for the twinned classrooms. Throughout the project, chronicles of the journey and the personal diary of the traveling bear are made in a virtual space.


The project seeks to promote understanding between different cultures and stimulate creative writing. This proposal aims to:


  • Develop communication, reading and writing skills.

  • Develop global competencies and intercultural understanding.

  • Integrate ICT in reading-writing activities (use of the blog, email, record videos ...).

  • Promote collaboration between educational institutions, teachers and families.


The children of Infantil 3 have voted the name of the bear and it is called "Huellitas".


A week ago Huellitas left for Argentina to meet our friends from a school in Buenos Aires. To do this, the infant 3 students with their teachers have gone to the post office to accompany our little bear and wish him a good trip.


We are all very excited about this proposal.


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