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In 2012 the Inauguration of the 2nd Baccalaureate took place

On September 6, 2012, the inauguration of the new classrooms of our first class of second year of Baccalaureate took place at the school.

Thanks to the generosity of the Hatchwell Family in Memory of Don
  Mauricio Hatchwell Z "L, Former President of the Jewish Community of Madrid  and from the collaboration of the architecture studio of one of the parents of our school, we now have new classrooms for the development of second year high school classes.

We were able to count on the attendance of about 100 people, and the ceremony took place in an atmosphere  warm in which various emotional speeches were made. Rav. Moshe Bendahan blessed the classrooms and the tour was made to visit the classrooms.

Students and family members with the Board of Directors of the CJM

D. David Hatchwell Altarás -
Former CJM President his wife
   Mrs. Natalia  Hatchwell

&  Ms. Monique Altarás

Thanks to the Hatchwell Altaras Family

  ... "Thank you, because all of us will be able to study until university in the school that has seen us grow, where we are proud of who we are, of our identity, where we take care of our values, and we are academically trained" ....
2nd Baccalaureate student

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