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Beyond the  Janukiada




The light of Hanukkah  still  shines in our hearts and it is time to evaluate and share.


First of all, congratulate all the students for the excellent atmosphere of camaraderie and collaboration and especially the 4th year ESO students in charge of leading the entire process,  doing wonderfully well.  


The Janukiads provide our school with an important work of self-management in which students must organize themselves, with the leadership of the greatest, to achieve the achievement of different tasks, from organizing a hymn and a dance, to developing a radio program , write a  magazine or prepare a mural.  


This year we have  enjoyed  too  of some very special moments at lunchtime, in which the teams have eaten  together, large and small, not in accordance with the traditional schedules, but generating the integration of the group and the  collaboration at the time of serving, cutting the smallest  food, empty the tables, and perform the brachot.  


All these  elements have been evaluated as part of the competition in which a lot of involvement, dedication and commitment have been felt by all students,  teachers and staff of the center.  


In the tasks and cultural slogans the contents of the party were present all the time,  achieving learning through  playful and participatory methods.  


May the miracle of Hanukkah serve to remind us to insist and persevere in the  transmission of our values and history so that generation after generation we can continue celebrating and reaffirming our identity.  






Dept. of Jewish Studies
Ethel Barylka


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