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Janukiadot 5775

During the month of Kislev , and as is tradition in our school, the fifteenth edition of the Janukiadot was celebrated . The Carmel, Galil and Kineret teams held cultural and sports competitions in which all students from Infant to High School participated.

The Janukiadot were organized by the 4th ESO students, who were the leaders and did a great job during the previous weeks.


The students of each team prepared their anthems, posters and flags independently and independently. We proceeded to the lighting of the menorah every day of the party and everyone enjoyed some special delicacies.



Kineret, Galil and Carmel warmed up in the moments before cultural and sports activities, they all wanted to win.  The competition was very close, but finally Kineret managed to win the first prize, with Carmel in second place and Galil in third.


It has been a party full of emotion and effort on the part of all. We thank the AMPA and volunteers for the delicious sufganiot , the teachers for their involvement with all the students and the students for enjoying another year with such incredible enthusiasm.

Kineret excitedly picks up his trophy. !! Congratulations!!

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