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The businessman and philanthropist Aaron Frenkel and the world president
from Keren Hayesod, Johanna Arbib, attend College
for the inauguration of the Garden of Donors.

On March 17  The “Donor Garden” was inaugurated at the College, a space dedicated to the recognition of those institutions and friends who have generously collaborated with our Center throughout its history.


This space is an initiative of the school's fundraising committee. A group formed for two years by directors of the CJM, parents and friends of the school community in order to raise funds both for the granting of scholarships to students, and for the implementation of "excellent" projects for our Center.


During the event were present the businessman and philanthropist Aarón Frenkel and his family, the world president of Keren Hayesod, Johana Arbib, the president of the Jewish Community of Madrid, David Hatchwell, the President of the Rabbinical Council of Spain,  Rav. Moshé Bendahán, the rabbi of the Rambam Synagogue of La Moraleja,  Rav. Yerahmiel Barylka, the garden authors, parents, Fundraising committee members, and the school community.


Presented entirely in English by students of 4th ESO, 1st and 2nd of Baccalaureate, the culminating moment of the event was the official delivery to the School of a donation from Mr. Frenkel and his family in the amount of 180,000 dollars.

Aarón Frenkel, an important businessman and philanthropist from Monaco, met our Center last November during his stay in Madrid for the “International Leadership Reunion” Jewish congress, a meeting promoted by Keren Hayesod and the CJM. During the congress, a group of participants made a visit to the School, which they were delighted with, in such a way that some even made financial contributions to the school.



The Donors Garden is the work of the sculptor Sam Nahón and the architect Moisés Essayag. It consists of a group of children dancing, made of fiberglass and with very bright colors, which represents the joy and growth of our school environment. Inside the ring, metal flowers will be gradually planted with the names of the donors who have contributed generously to the school.


After witnessing the first flowers planted by the Frenkel family, it will be our greatest joy to see our Garden bloom, with many flowers  and for many years.

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