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III Annual Mathematics Conference
"We learn to have fun with math."

Last June all the students of the school from Infant 3 to 1 of Bachillerato entered for a whole day  in mathematics through a competition that divided the participants into 6 teams named after mathematicians… GAUSS, PITÁGORAS, EULER, NOETHER, TALES, FOBONACCI.


This day aims to motivate those students who do not like mathematics or who believe that they cannot do it. The competition had two phases. The first phase through the Israeli system of logic games. A second phase with talks and workshops by Aloha Mental Arithmetic for the little ones, and the Fundación Talento Matemático for students over 6th grade, ESO and 1st year high school.


We all enjoyed a day where the motivation and enjoyment of mathematics were above traditional mathematics. The students are already waiting for the next course for the arrival of this day. Let's think about math !!

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