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IV Mathematical Conference

One more year the Mathematical Days come to the school flooding everything with calculations and geometry. Fun, challenges, work and movement characterize the school environment. This year, our IV Mathematical Conference focused on Geometry .


The students of all the stages enjoyed a day full of activities in which they put their mathematical knowledge to the test. In this edition, the students went through various workshops divided into six teams: Emmy, Fibonacci, Pythagoras, Tales, Gauss and Euler.


With the help of molds, descriptions and geometric figures, the students went through the tailoring workshop in which they had to make their clothes following a series of patterns.


Coinciding with the Yom Yerushalaim celebration, the teams built the city in three dimensions from bodies and geometric figures. The result… Spectacular!


New technologies were also present in this IV edition. With the help of iPads, computers and board games, the students had to solve a series of challenges posed. Slice it, Montezuma, Ubongo, Blokus or Geoboard were the most popular.


And the most anticipated of all: the traditional vertical challenge. From Infant 3 to Baccalaureate, all together in the same place, thinking, collaborating, competing, they had the same challenge on their hands ... This year the setting was the Rubik's Cube . Do you dare to solve it?

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