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World Ort Summer School
Our First
  Panama Trip


I must say that my experience in Panama has been one of the best experiences of my life. From the first moment I saw the opportunity to go, I did not think about it, and I have no doubt that it was a great decision. Between teachers and tutors they helped me to travel to the other side of the world for twelve days with my partner I. From the moment we set foot on Panamanian soil we were perfectly supported by Daniel T.  and Guido B., the two leaders of the group.


We were 30 boys aged 16 and 17 from eight different countries (Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Panama, Mexico and Spain). This Summer School not only served me  to create links with people from all over South America that I know will last for many years, but also to get to know an ecosystem that has nothing to do with the one we have in Europe. I did, with a group of four boys, a university-level research project on hummingbirds. We visited many historical places in Panama and received talks from the most expert biologists in the country! As if that were not enough, we had time to enjoy free time all the young people together, a great pleasure!


I would like to recommend to all the boys that they make this trip, so they can live all the fantastic experiences that I had, and finally, I would like to thank ORT and the school for the opportunity they gave me to travel.




4th ESO student

For me this experience was unique and unmatched.  I had a great time with my partner J.  doing a lot of activities related to science and ecology.

Throughout the trip we had to make a hypothesis and present a final project describing our results. In addition to doing scientific activities, they also took us to the pool and the beach to rest from what we were working on. The other companions of this camp came from all over Latin America and on the other side we were, who came from Spain.


Jacob F. - 1st Baccalaureate

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