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Mobile devices

A methodological change

Introduction to Digital Education from  5th EP


What is it about mobile devices that have broken into education so quickly?  


They are easy to use and represent a revolutionary change in education. The student has almost all the information they want just one click away.

Mobile devices are a tool , not the solution, to the methodological change that, as educators, we seek so that our students can function effectively in today's world.

This instrument is a great help, but there is no doubt that the key continues to be the teacher with his training and preparation to make the device a powerful element that allows us to achieve our goal: that the student becomes the protagonist of their own learning.


Since September 2014, the 5th and 6th grade students of our center have been working with mobile devices in the classroom. Thanks to this methodology, the student develops skills and acquires knowledge, improves critical and creative thinking, and learns to cooperate within a team with the experience of cooperative work.

In addition, students have the ability to access a large amount of educational content at any time, search for information on the Internet, and use tools that enhance their knowledge and creativity. They can create their own content with the teacher's guidance, something that breaks the physical limits of the classroom.


The Mobile Devices Project in the “one-to-one” classroom offers extreme personalization and individualization of the teaching-learning processes.



We encourage students to develop their natural curiosity, acquire the necessary skills to inquire and conduct research, and demonstrate autonomy in their learning . Having the experience of enjoying learning will undoubtedly keep your desire to continue learning for the rest of your life. And this will be the engine that guides you to keep moving forward and growing as a person.


The iPad as an educational tool… it has come to stay!

It is a cutting-edge device in educational centers that is used in many situations as a cogwheel in the learning process, teaching through the creation and development of educational experiences where technology is almost transparent, in dynamics that encompass many aspects beyond the mere repetition of activities. It is not about "consuming" technology, but about generating knowledge.


Each student has an iPad as a work tool in their studies. This allows them  become small researchers, use tools that enhance their knowledge and creativity.

In our school we understand that students with access to these tools prepare better class work, know how to analyze, share, present, discriminate  and solve problems more easily and become more involved in their education

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