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Joy and fun invade the school!

With renewed joy we received the month of Adar in a fun morning reception, while the grown-ups acted as clowns, magicians and make-up artists, the little ones enjoyed the songs of Purim.


We had a day of colors, and glasses, and ties. Ethnic costume days during which different costumes were shown around the school. The kitchen excelled preparing Chinese food that we enjoyed with the help of chopsticks, and the mothers of the AMPA took great pains to treat everyone with exquisite Oznei Amán.


On Purim day, 200 children gathered to celebrate the day according to the tradition of our people: they read the megillah, distributed and received  mishlojei manot, joined matanot laevinonim, while enjoying games, inflatables, jugglers and clowns.  

A wonderful festival of colors to remember the salvation of our people.


We thank the AMPA, Maccabi, Yajad and Rambam Synagogue for their collaboration in this fantastic event. We also thank the Jewish Community and all the families who have made this holiday an unforgettable day for everyone.

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