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Radio Gabirol

The radio is coming to school!


RADIO GABIROL, the radio for 5th and 6th grade students



The Radio project is a project launched this year for the first time, for 5th and 6th grade students who want to participate. It is a voluntary project, coordinated by MM, where students decide, design and create radio content that interest them. They make  podcasts from beginning to end, choosing music, content and formats: radio formulas,  interviews or varieties. And all this at their recess!


At the moment we have a music space, a literary space, one dedicated to projects and a humor space!


The teacher  accompanies them and gives ideas of types of programs, focuses on questions, works the structures with them, but does not decide on what. That is precisely what is powerful about this project, the spaces are for different students than throughout  of their breaks they work autonomously and collaboratively  with the aim of uploading a quality podcast to the net. We use a professional digital spreaker tool and through their iPads they mount the corresponding program.  


You can listen to it here.


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