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Excellence = 100%  Passed + 7.73 average mark in 2014

Once again, the graduates of the Centro Ibn Gabirol Colegio Estrella Toledano celebrate another year of excellent academic results.


For the second consecutive year, 100% of the 2nd year high school students have passed the University Access Test, obtaining an average grade of 7.73 points out of 10 in the general phase, achieving a significant increase of three tenths over the grade. last year's average.


In 2013 the School launched its Baccalaureate obtaining an average grade of 7.4, which placed it in 11th place of the 600 centers that were presented in the Community of Madrid, and the first place in the northern area.


This year, a student (M. Bentata) obtained position 57 among all the students who took this test at the Autonomous University of Madrid. For this reason, she and her family were invited to participate in an act of recognition of the 101 best qualifications of the PAU at the Higher Polytechnic School of Madrid (UAM).


Thanks to their work and effort, the students of this class will continue their academic careers at prestigious universities such as: Interdisciplinary Center Herzlyia IDC (Israel), Technion Israel Institute of Technology (Israel), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel), Imperial College London (UK), Kings College London (UK), Instituto de Empresa (Spain).

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