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Scratch Day

Rube Goldberg's machine designed with Scratch, Lego WEDO and LEGO W3


By Professor S.  Y.


When we started to think about how we could make the proposal of learning to program and robotics more challenging by trying to integrate what we have worked with other subjects and other areas, we came up with a great challenge. We were not sure if it was going to come out and that we could carry it out because it was really complicated, but despite the doubts we decided to give it a try, obviously trusting in the ability and enthusiasm of our students.


The world Scratch Day event organized by the MIT MEDIA LAB group was approaching and we made the decision to create a special day. We gave the project a little thought and finally we shared it with the boys from 5th grade and 1st year ESO. The reception for his part could not be better and we got to work.


The great challenge was to build a Rube Goldberg machine in which all the interactions and triggers of actions were made by robots, sensors and motors, at the same time

we wanted to insert multimedia animations designed with Scratch.


As I told you at the beginning ... nothing simple ...


The two classes prepared to achieve the goal. They thought about the materials they would need, did research, watched videos for ideas, and learned how to control LEGO WEDO robots, sensors and motors with Scratch.


The big day finally arrived when they worked in small groups on the physical part of the assembly of the small parts of the machine and developed all the programming for the Lego Wedo and Lego W3 robots and the animations.


The whole machine chain didn't work the first time ... but after many adjustments ... they got the challenge!


You guys are true champions! We congratulate you because you have worked with great interest and the product obtained has been great !!!!

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